David Stewart Applauds New Manufacturing Jobs in Bowling Green, KY

Manufacturing Engineer

Kentucky governor Steve Beshear made an announcement last week that comes as great news to many Kentucky families: a joint venture between two aluminum companies will result in a new production facility in Bowling Green, KY.

David Stewart, Bowling Green, KY’s leading energy business consultant, applauded the news as a decision that will be good both for the businesses and for the local economy.

“Kentucky is a great state for manufacturing, with a large capable workforce and pro-business government policies,” David Stewart said. “This new injection of industry into Bowling Green will be a win-win for everyone involved, and will help continue to drive Kentucky’s growing economy.”

David Stewart is a business expert who’s been successful in the real estate, financial, and oil and coal industries. He focuses much of his work on consulting to energy companies, which takes David Stewart from Bowling Green, KY to many energy hubs around the US and the world. As an energy business consultant he helps large companies choose the smartest places to invest in new operations—and he believes Bowling Green was a great choice for this one.

The new production facility involves not only multiple companies, but multiple nations. The partnership behind it is between Europe-based Constellium and Japanese UACJ, both major aluminum producers who are looking to supply to the US auto industry.

“I think it speaks to the strength, success and revitalization of American automobiles that foreign corporations are so eager to become supplier to US auto makers,” said David Stewart. “This is a goood sign not only for Bowling Green but for Detroit and Americans as a whole.”

Both Constellium and UACJ will supply aluminum coils produced in their own facilities which will arrive in Bowling Green and be transformed by American workers into usable aluminum products for auto assembly. The joint venture facility is a way for both companies to save money while breaking into a high-demand market.

“The demand for auto aluminum is growing right now,” Stewart said. “Auto manufacturers are struggling to find ways to reduce gas mileage and meet federal requirements. One way to do that is to make a car lighter. Thus, aluminum alloys are now becoming more and more preferred over steel for the bodies of cars.”

That means that the aluminum market shows no end in sight and that the new facility, which brings 80 new jobs and $150 million in investment to Bowling Green, will likely operate for many years.

“It may even expand some day,” said David Stewart. “Bowling Green welcomes UACJ and Constellium to our community.”

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