David Stewart Bowling Green KY Petroleum Business Expert


David Stewart – Bowling Green KY – Petroleum Consultant

David A. Stewart, Jr.  of Bowling Green KY is a petroleum consultant who has performed a multitude of services, filled numerous roles, and held several positions in various capacities within the oil and natural gas industry over the last 20 years.  These roles span the entire spectrum of the industry, from the drilling, completion, and production of wells to owning a multi-million dollar enterprise consisting of over 120 employees.

Mr. Stewart has literally been either directly or indirectly involved in all phases of the industry as it relates to the development, sale, promotion, management, and syndication of oil and natural gas.

Mr. Stewart has witnessed first-hand the benefits that are possible with the extraction and sale of petroleum products through both conventional and unconventional means.  His roots in the industry stretch back several generations, back to his grandfather’s early days when the discovery of oil in Kentucky was still new and fresh.  Mr. Stewart’s tendencies towards oil were obvious at an early age where his fascination and intrigue with his family’s field activities dominated his time.  This is where his earliest memories originate, so it is no surprise that his roots in the oil patch have been firmly cemented ever since.

As a graduate from Warren Central High School, David’s leadership qualities were prevalent and undeniable; especially to his fellow colleagues and staff.  Mr. Stewart studied business, focusing on finance and other highly competitive disciplines.  These attributes would eventually translate well into the business world and the position he holds today.

Upon his departure from school and a successful transition into the workforce, Mr. Stewart went on to incur many years of experience in both commercial and residential property acquisition, assessment, and disbursement.  While continuing to grow in his real estate endeavors, Mr. Stewart obtained a position with a public oil company where his dedication, motivation, and focus propelled his way through the ranks and to the position of Vice President.  He became experienced in several facets of the industry, ranging from project planning and organization, implementation of elaborate and multi-faceted enhanced recovery operations, and engineering duties resulting in the exponential increase of a field’s oil production.

From proficient, high-rate primary extraction to secondary and enhanced recovery techniques employed upon existing fields, Mr. Stewart has accumulated an intellect considered rare even among some of the most seasoned roughnecks in the oil business.  These experiences have helped Mr. Stewart amass an immense knowledge base relating to oil and natural gas development and how to effectively maximize profits generated from such endeavors.

Over the years, Mr. Stewart has used his personal and business relationships and his wealth of knowledge within the industry to locate prime oil and gas properties throughout the United States.  He has been directly involved in the development of approximately 500 wells across 10 different states.  As part of his due diligence process, he utilizes an exhaustive approach of selection that, in most cases, requires strategic alliances from other well-respected figures that are considered leaders in their particular area of expertise within the industry.  It is this type of rare, level-headed approach (along with an open-minded, collaborative spirit) that allows for his priorities to always reside in their proper place, and sets Mr. Stewart apart.

With the years he has spent in the oil and gas and real estate industries, and the rate with which he has moved through their ranks, Mr. Stewart is considered a leader by his peers, and has become an extremely accomplished business professional.  Mr. Stewart is a self-directed, hands-on leader who believes customer satisfaction is the highest priority and enforces the maintenance of this principle which results in the cultivation of high quality relationships in all of his affairs.

Having experienced great diversity in a variety of fields ranging from ground-level field development expertise in the oil patch, new product company creation, and management positions within large corporations, David has accumulated priceless knowledge that has allowed him to secure savvy maneuverability in the market where smart business decisions are greatly rewarded.  These experiences (and the lessons learned there from) have also shaped the character and values of Mr. Stewart, resulting in the utmost integrity and significantly contributes to the direction and morale with which he operates.  Possessing such traits uniquely qualifies him to perform at the highest level of responsible management where he believes hard work, forward-thinking, and determination create the formula for success in any endeavor, especially in the accomplishment of company goals which, thereby, achieves prosperity for himself and his business associates.