David Stewart Thinks You Should Visit Mammoth Cave National Park this Spring

mammoth cave



If you are into the outdoors and want to see rare wildlife and exquisite vegetation as well as explore a part of our natural history that often goes unseen, you might want to check out Mammoth Cave National Park over the upcoming months. Mammoth Cave National Park is a major tourist attraction as more than 2 million people will visit the park each year. On a busy summer day, the park could see up to 7,000 visitors.


For those not from Central Kentucky who may have never heard of Mammoth Cave National Park before, it is actually the world’s largest cave system with over four hundred known miles of surveyed passageways. The cave was formed by an ancient sea and river hundreds of millions of years ago that had deposited limestone, sandstone and a shale cap. Erosion eventually led to discoveries of the underground rivers. Tours were offered as early as 1816.


A family that decides that want to check out the Mammoth Cave National Park will find no shortage of things to do:


Tours: There are a number of tours that range in length, activity level, pricing, etc. Some tours can last as long as six hours or more, and others are more exploratory in nature and reserved for the most adventurous hikers. The National Park Service does say that most people should be able to take the basic tours without much trouble, but cautions anyone with respiratory, cardiac, or mobility issues to check with their doctors first before taking a tour.


Outdoor Fun: Families with children of all ages will find plenty of outdoor activities to do at Mammoth Cave National Park. There is canoeing, fishing, zip-lining, horseback riding, swimming, and many more. This site offers a number of great options to consider.


Family-Friendly Attractions: There are many different attractions at or nearby from Mammoth Cave National Park. Some of the favorites of Bowling Green resident, David Stewart, include Beech Bend Amusement Park, Splash Lagoon Water Park, Jellystone Park Camp & Resort, Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo, and Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum.


If you’re in the Central Kentucky area or want to plan a great family vacation, you should definitely check out Mammoth Cave National Park in the next couple of months. It’ll be a trip you’ll surely never nor want to forget.


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